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3D projection on building in Amsterdam

15th Apr, 15  ·  Video  ·  by Admin

This was a fun, experimental project from 2011. Our friends at asked us to help them in preparing the motion graphics for the 3d projection, as a part of an event. The projection was made on facade of a restaurant in Amsterdam. To achieve this, first we had to reconstruct the facade in 3d software and then 'project' previously prepared animation on the virtual building. That way we achieved realistic interaction of lights and shadows on facade. Next step was to make 5 separate videos for 5 projectors, which would cover the entire building. Every video should match the angle of it's corresponding projector in order to have the good looking, realistic 3D projection.

The 3d projection was a sucess. Here's a short BTS video from the actual event made by Yucon team:



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